As a brand, Kenneth Cole draws a huge amount of inspiration from the city in which it was born--New York City, an unparalleled metropolis built on opportunity, diversity, and contrasts. It’s a place where classic architecture meets modern structures, where manmade and synthetic meet natural and organic; where every creed, race, gender, and lifestyle thrive side by side. Our culture is entering a time of transition and New York City, as a world of contrasts, resonates now more than ever.

These sentiments were all considered when designing the latest Spring/Summer 2018 collections. The overarching theme has been coined Urban Contrasts: When Opposites Attract. Seasonal design ideas for all categories consist of contradicting proportions, colliding stripes, and clashing textures.

Contradicting Proportions: The approach here is that rules are made to be broken. Think exaggerated details, oversized proportions, elongated cuffs, paperbag waists, trousers that puddle, bell sleeves, volume paired with slim fits, and micro paired with macro.

Colliding Stripes: The focus is on exploring stripes in all their iterations. Yarn dyed or printed, jacquard or knitted, contrast or tonal, blocked or fine, inside or out, the options are endless. There are stripes in contrasting directions (bias, horizontal, vertical), disrupted or manipulated stripes, and transparent with opaque stripes. Small is mixed with big and blocked color creates bold stripe effects.

Clashing Textures: Think unexpected combinations. Metallic has been paired with matte, denim with lace, patent with mesh, and historical with contemporary. There are raw edges, layered exotics, florals on denim, shine under sheer, eyelet on twill, exotic and bejeweled, and velvet even in summer.

For men’s footwear, the derby has been paired with the jogger pant, the sport sandal with the suit pant, and the loafer with the short.

For women’s footwear, the flatform has been paired with the volume short, the slide mule with the volume pant, and the pointed toe with the assymetric skirt.

The key seasonal fabrics include crisp cotton, compact twill, linen, silk chiffon, crepe, satin, open-weave materials, and urban lace layered over prints. There is also ornate brocade, damask, floral jacquard, and intense metallic fabrics. Statement leathers, PU coatings, and high-shine wax finishes come into play, as do lightweight nylon, technical fabrics, and sheer layers.